SEO - base

SEO (Search Engine Optimized) is intended to increase web site value for search engines, namely to ensure that were at the top position in the search for the keywords. For "SMS" Google now draws 374 000 000 results. It's easy to infer that more than 99% of them never see in the eyes. A person searching for something specific forms more powerful phrase eg "free SMS" and as a result gets 1 110 000 results, which compared with the previous search is significant progress, but despite this, and so we see ever more than 99% of the search parties.The average "googler" inspects the front pages, sometimes to get him / her to reach sub-5 with a single default return is only 10 search results (5 * 10 = 50 sites!).

The aim will be to find positioning on the first page, which is in the top ten for the words to which optymalizujemy site.These words are called keywords, and should exemplify the best content of the page, for example, the subjects of microcontrollers could be saying: AVR, ARM, Atmel, uC, microprocessor, Attiny, Atmega, SAM7S, etc..

It seemed to be that the optimized site should be done on the "demand" keywords, such that they are related to our site, and most are entered in the search engines.Such thinking is not the end is good for the same query as "SMS" is a lot of results which means that there are many parties that administrators just to promote the word paid lot of money. It is better to optimize the website for less sophisticated words or short phrases to such as "free sms to the Orange ", for which competition is less and easier to find on the first page. Remember that be better for the less popular words or phrases to 8 items than for the very popular 800!

Basic principles and techniques of positioning can be summarized in several points.

1. Number of keywords should not exceed 5% of the content of the page.

2. The page title should be concise and fully show the focus of your site.Place it in the section header <head> </ head> between markers <title> </ title>

<title> Party Title </ title>

3. Keywords can be put in addition of meta tags in the header code.

<meta name="description" content="site's description (20-30 words) "/>

<meta name="keywords" content=" keywords separated by commas (10-15) "/>

<meta name="robots" content="all"> - this meta tag informs robots, that the party agrees to indexation (it is not required, because googlebot default indexes all sites).

4. A large number of links leading to the promotion of the site! Most importantly, because of the positioning is PageRank, which illustrates the value of the site based on how many other sites linked to ours. These links are kind of gesture of trust. The easiest way to gain links through entries in the directories, which have a high PageRank.