Rar archive file in a graphical

How in secret and easy way send any files that are contained in the rar archive? I'll show you how to of the two files (*. jpg, *. rar and) create one.

How to do it?

We have a graphic file with the extension *. jpg, and the second file is an archive *. rar, with compress files that you want to send in the form of a classified.

Both files best put into one folder and copied to a disk from the system (usually C:). Then run the console. To execute enter into the Start-> Run and type in "cmd", or Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt. In the console go to our folder (in our case, for example, it will be cd C:\OurFolder). Then write into console

copy / bgraphical_file.jpg archive.rar 2in1.jpg

and hit enter. We should be informed about the success of the operation.

And now the best.. The resulting file 2in1.jpg.. when you double-click displays the image as normal, but after changed its extension to *. rar (2in1.rar) file behaves like a rar archive and WinRar unrar through what previously placed in archive.rar!

Such an image can be placed at the forum, programming forum, blog, or on another web gallery and someone who will be aware of what that file will be able to save it on your PC, change the extension and decompress the archive.