Atmel AVR microcontroller is a family 8 bits produced by Atmel.

Arithmetic logic unit developed by two students from the Norwegian Institute of Technology is based on the pattern of RISC processor and the Harvard architecture, includes 32 bit records. Instructions arithmetic logic can be implemented on the records. The data from memory can only be sent to and from the registers. It is characterized by a simple command structure, high performance calculation so most orders are carried out in a bar processor.

Produced are many different types of microcontrollers equipment in a peripheral device, the amount of RAM, EEPROM and flash. The labels are divided family of the controllers Tiny AVR - small, Mega AVR-large and special.

For example: ATtiny13 includes 1kB of memory (flash), 64 bytes Eeprom, 64 B RAM 32 records, 6 / O, 2-channel PWM, SPI, 4 channel A / D oscillator on a chip is mounted in a housing 8 pins. ATmega2560 contains 256 kB of memory, 4 kB Eeprom, 8 kB of RAM, 86 I / O, 4 counters / timers for 16-bit, 6 PWM, SPI, 2 - UART, 16 - channel A / D ...

Controllers are equipped with:

* Watchdog - a system restart in the event of the program loops
* Internal oscillator
* UART or USART - universal serial output port of entry, allow for the implementation of hardware many serial protocols,
* RTC - real-time clock
* A / D and D / A - analogue to digital and digital to analogue
* Hardware PWM,
* Protocol support hardware SPI, TWI (equivalent to I ² C).
* Ports I / O
* ISP (In-System Programming ) microcontroller programs in the system without desoldering, pulling out of the system microcontroller. It much easier to create devices based on the exchange microcontroller and allows the software at any time.

Atmel Microcontrollers: ATtiny24/44/84, ATtiny25/45/85, ATtiny25, ATtiny45, ATtiny85, ATiny261/461/861, ATtiny261, ATtiny461, ATtiny86, ATtiny461, ATtiny861, ATmega48/88/168, ATmega88, ATmega88/168, AT90CAN32/64/128,ATmega32M1/C1, ATmega32C1, ATmega32M1, ATmega64C1, ATmega32C1, ATmega64C1, ATmega64M1,ATtiny167, ATmega164P, ATmega644P, ATmega324P, ATmega644P, ATmega169P

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