Architecture ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) is a 32-bit architecture RISC processor type. Different versions of ARM processors are widely used in embedded systems and systems for low power consumption, due to their energy-efficient architecture.

ARM processor is one of the most widely used processors in the world. It is used in hard disk drives, mobile phones, routers, calculators and even children's toys. Now occupies more than 75% of the market for 32-bit CPU for embedded systems. The most successful project ARM ARM7TDMI processor was widely used in mobile phones. Computer speed ARM processor enables the processor to the installation of the operating system, with the possibility of using the system in the TCP / IP or system files (such as FAT32). There are many such systems: Windows CE, NUTOS and many Linux distributions Embedded Debian, Embedded Ubuntu.
An interesting development is the use of 4-bit code at the beginning of each conditional instructions. In this way, each instruction can be executed conditionally. This limits the space available, for example, instructions for transfers in memory, but on the other hand, there is no need for the use of the ramifications for the code that contains many simple conditionals.

Atmel ARM products: AT91M42800A, AT91M55800A, AT91RM9200, AT91SAM7A3, AT91SAM7L128, AT91SAM7L64, AT91SAM7S321, AT91SAM7S512, AT91SAM7S32, AT91SAM7S64, AT91SAM7S128, AT91SAM7S256, AT91SAM7SE256, AT91SAM7SE32, AT91SAM7SE512, AT91SAM7X128, AT91SAM7X256, AT91SAM7X512, AT91SAM7XC128, AT91SAM7XC256, AT91SAM7XC512, AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9261, AT91SAM9261S, AT91SAM9263, AT91SAM9G20, AT91SAM9R64, AT91SAM9RL64, AT91SAM9XE128, AT91SAM9XE256, AT91SAM9XE512, AT91FR40162S, AT91FR40162SB, AT91M40800, AT91R40008

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ARM architecture