Wav Player build on AT91SAM7S256

Wav Player ImageWav Player ImageWav Player ImageWav Player Image

My current project is wav files player built on microcontroller AT91SAM7S256. The player supports two channel sound and plays properly crafted music files. (...)

LCD Clock - Draft clock based on the chip AVR Attiny2313

LCD Clock Image LCD Clock Image LCD Clock Image

The clock is working a 24 hour period. The time is displayed in the format hh: mm: ss "on the alphanumeric display of size 16 x 2 (columns x rows). The use of a backlit display gives the impression of great visual at night. Instead, use a full stop or semicolon Blink used options available in the Bascom and created their own simple animation changing every second. (...)

Support for DMA controller

DMA controller allows an efficient data transfer between peripheral devices, memory and microcontroller (PDC - Peripherial DMA). Blocks of data are transmitted without the participation of the core, thereby blocking the implementation of the program at the time of transfer. (...)

SEO - base

SEO (Search Engine Optimized) is intended to increase web site value for search engines, namely to ensure that were at the top position in the search for the keywords. For "SMS" Google now draws 374 000 000 results. It's easy to infer that more than 99% of them never see in the eyes. (...)


Architecture ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) is a 32-bit architecture RISC processor type. (...)


Atmel AVR microcontroller is a family 8 bits produced by Atmel.
Arithmetic logic unit developed by two students from the Norwegian Institute of Technology is based on the pattern of RISC processor and the Harvard architecture, includes 32 bit records. (...)

The basic Linux commands

A few helpful commands in the first contact with Linux:

pwd - it displays the path to the current directory
man - information about the command (for example, man pwd) (...)

Rar archive file in a graphical

How in secret and easy way send any files that are contained in the rar archive? I'll show you how to of the two files (*. jpg, *. rar and) create one. (...)